A great way to raise funds and develop a sustainable source of income crucial for our growth. You can help to expand this initiative so that it will one day cover most of the funds needed to cover our daily costs. This initiative is also a place where young people learn to give back to others through community hours and where recovered beneficiaries can find a safe place to work.


This all-volunteer initiative was created in 2011 and has helped us to raise $102,338 by selling mouthwatering pizza slices cooked with love. We also gave the ooprotunit to young people ages 13 and 35 to have a great experience, have fun, and do good at the same time. Join us by being a cook for a day or by hiring us to cater your next event, birthday party, and wedding. Call us on 71-881377 or send us an e-mail. And don’t forget to stop by our stand at leading exhibitions and festivals throughout the year.

Our planned appearances this year:
  • The Garden Show at L’Hippodrome de Beirut, Date TBC
  • Vinifest (Winefest) at L’Hippodrome de Beirut, Date TBC
  • The Mzaar Summer Festival at Les Jardins du Mzaar, Date TBC

“We cook for a drug free world”


Furniture, antiques, accessories, kitchenware and home accessories: we accept anything in working order, except for clothing. Whatever you don’t want or need anymore we have the solution for it – call CDLL and donate it to our Garage sale. Since 2009 we’ve raised over $46,818 — all because of you.

Pick up is on us. We collect year-round. Call us today 71-881377.

our next pop up
  • The Mzaaar Summer Festival at Les Jardins du Mzaar, Date TBC

“Clean out your home for our cause”